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"The challenge for a successor generation is economic emancipation. This can only be achieved through a new way forward for Ghana to work again."

Creation of new districts

In recent years, the purpose of creation of districts has been lost. Districts are created as centres of local Government. They act as a focal point for development and engagement with empowered communities.

Creation of districts to increase constituencies for political advantage is misguided and irresponsible jerry-mandering.

 Legislative changes need to be made to delink the automatic creation of constituencies from the creation of districts.

 Given that the current 45 additional constituencies have already been created by LI178, the only option is for a political compromise. This should entail an acceptance of new constituencies, however for the sake of national peace and stability these new constituencies should only apply after the 2012 elections.

A CPP led Government from January 2013, will seek to cluster groups of districts to form viable zones of economic development based on Agro-ecological areas.



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